GBCloud is a platform that aims to be a tool for data analysis and storage. In synergy with the data capture system for remote vibration monitoring and geotechnical sensors, it provides the necessary functions for creating a robust database and performing analysis in one place.

  1. Visualization of all sensors in real time.
  2. Control and retrieval of all types of information in a few steps.
  3. Location of equipment, events, peaks, database, analysis, etc.

Allows to visualize all the events generated by each sensor, providing data such as date, time and location, as well as filtering the information by sensors.

Allows the download of the native file for external processing.

In the blasting input form, it allows to register several parameters in order to store relevant information for later analysis.

Visualize the wave in the case of seismographs.

Delivers frequency/vibration pair associated to international standards

In the upload events option, it allows importing events from sensors of different brands, in order to have the information in a single database.


The blasting option is a database with fundamental parameters for blasting analysis.

In this module you can visualize the event data, the notes entered and edit the blasting information.

Export in Excel format all the registered database.


This tool was designed so that each measured event (PPV) uses a classification method with intervals of “High”, “Medium” and “Low”; this is built based on the comparison of statistics obtained from the historical data of the system, which is updated on a monthly basis.

With this application, the reportability through e-mails sent by the system, the PPV classification is added, to indicate the range in which the new measurement is located; delivering a reference through alerts, suggesting continuous follow-up and monitoring. It is worth mentioning that this reference does not constitute a damage criterion.


DATA 01 Records stored in the platform, with instant reports informing the events recorded.

DATA 02 Peaks that have been generated in a range of time, which are automatically graphed. This, generating alerts that are notified to the e-mail.

DATA 03 Essential information for performing analysis with blasting parameters, notified by e-mail.

DATA 04 Records in the international standard of preference. USBM, UNE DIN and Human Perception.


Provides analysis focused on obtaining optimal times between drill holes and rows. The above, to generate far-field models.