Datageo was born from its matrix company GeoBlast S.A. in 2019, when part of its partners decided to expand the horizon with a futuristic and innovative look; the former, with the aim of implementing new technologies in the processes and services delivered in the 24 years of history of Geoblast.

Datageo SpAstarts its activities in October 2019, with the clear mission to promote new tools that inspire and deliver solutions to contemporary challenges, seeking to optimize available resources and reduce the global technology gap. Counting on personnel who believe and acquire the values of our company as a way of life.

In line with our values, always believing in the synergy of teamwork, promoting a better quality of life, new ideas and providing continuous support in the personal and professional development of each employee, Datageo SpA, invites and incorporates three of its professionals as partners of the company, emphasizing that great achievements depend on several hands, hearts and minds.

In its short life, Datageo has managed to implement several of its own developments in the industry. DataGeo, aims at the permanent search for innovative solutions in an environment of quality of life and responsibility with our community and planet”.