Syscom Instrument


Seismic and vibration monitoring equipment. Syscom Instruments nevertheless remains a human-sized company that applies the same rules of precision and reliability in all its activities.


It is a compact vibration/motion measurement system integrated in a rugged SYSCOM RED BOX. The MR3000C is equipped with a new generation of electronic components, keeping the best features of the MR2002, but adding new ones, such as reduced size and weight and increased computing power. The MR3000C has been designed for different temporary and fixed measurements in civil engineering and strong motion surveys.


MR3003BLA is a family of high-end instruments dedicated to the monitoring of blast-induced vibrations.

  • The MR3003BLA portable unit, for short-term measurements.
  • The MR3003BLA-ALU for long-term measurements.

The MR3003BLA devices can be linked with the SCS (Syscom Cloud Software) to provide a near real-time reporting solution with graphical comparison of standards.